Wednesday, 1 June 2011

AWCH Supports Action on Smoking and Health

May 31 2011 was World No Tobacco Day. Tobacco kills more than 5 million people per year. The World Health Organization (WHO) selected The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control as the theme of this year's World No Tobacco Day. Take the quiz @ . I did and scored 8 out of 10. I am sure you can do better. Let me know how you go.

AWCH belongs to a coalition of 41 organisations - Action on Smoking and Health Australia. Tobacco is Australia's No.1 preventable cause of death and disease. Every year, it kills over 15,500 people - including one child every 10 days. It costs the nation over $31 billion - far more than the tax it raises Currently ASH is campaigning in support of the Tobacco Plain Packaging Bill which has multipartisan support in the Australian parliament

Anne Cutler, AWCH Program Manager


  1. Congrats on starting a blog Anne for AWCH! I'll look forward to reading, with interest, the different subjects broached here.

    And I am your first friend...yay!!!

    Peggy xxxx

    PS I scored 8 out 10 too.

  2. Fantastic news - AWCH is now blogging!!!

    I scored 8 out of 10 too -