Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Take Action to End Government and Super Fund Investment in Tobacco

The tobacco industry has lost almost a billion dollars of Australian investment over the past year thanks to a campaign by health groups - including ASH Australia and other partners in Protecting Children from Tobacco (AWCH is a member at

Our partners have stressed the industry’s appalling Environment, Social and Governance record, especially its practices of targeting children in promotion and exploiting child labour. This has led to three state/territory governments divesting and also the Federal government’s Future Fund, as well as several super funds. This is money the industry can’t use to addict kids.

One suggested action to help with this campaign:  encourage your friends, employees, volunteers and supporters to write to their MPs and ministers as well as their own super/pension/retirement fund and seek more information about size/nature of their tobacco investments, and seek investment policies excluding tobacco.  Background, arguments, latest developments, who to write to and how at .

Written by:
Stafford Sanders
Protecting Children from Tobacco
ASH Australia

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